Ultra Web Server

New Player Introduction

Word doc with setup and first turn instructions, lots of Screen prints. Updated March 2012

Starting your first game: Older doc below, Suggest you look at Word doc above.

If you not part of another game you must go to the game login and signup. This will create an account for you.
You will not be able to login to the game tell the SM sets up your race. You will have to give your SM the following information:

- username (bug66)
- Empire name (Omnivoracy)
- Homeworld name (Arachnia)
- Racial traits (normally RM-66, RC-33, RD-66) [K2.06]
- Engine technology (I or J) [K2.03.3]
- Weapon technologies (E/F/L and K/Pt/R) [K2.03.2]

Once you login you may see a link to add yourself to a game that is open. Click and your empire will be made.
Relogin to to join that new game

Why does it keep saying "Invalid session, can't find the session "?

Your SM didn't add you to the game yet. Be patient, he has many players to handle while learning his side of the interface.

What can I do once my system is created?

Login and learn the lay of the land. Read the FAQ at the top of each page. We suggest verifying the information given to the SM as an exercise.

You start on the race list screen.Sample Race List page This will only list your race now, but if you partner with other races then you can select them at this window.
When you are done your turn you should set done to Yes to tell the SM you are completed.

First check the racial traits by clicking on HOME (Or the Race name), then Player Info (1st column).Sample Player Info Here, you can also rename your Empire, setup email address and so on.

Then check your technologies by clicking on RD and click on HOME, then Race List (1st column) to return to the initial page.

You may also rename your Homeworld by going to HOME, then Rename System.

How do I emplace my PTUs?

Once your SM is done with your Homeworld, he will ask you to choose where to emplace your PTUs. Get your home system info as described below, then reply with your choice.

There is a screen called SM Notes. When you enter a note here the SM will see it next time he logs into the system. This is much better than sending him it in an Email. If he enters a note here you will see it when you login at the bottom of the race list screen.

Click on HOME, then List Systems (1st column). Sample List Systems Select your home system. Find the planets and moons with the best Mineral Content income modifier. We suggest placing them by groups of 10-40 PUs.

Why do I have these starting designs?

There are a number of starting designs for CFN Q/H, SYs, Xcap and a basic big and small combat units. You may delete this or use these designs at your option. The Survey ship may be changed to remove the S/A/ica you may not want
How do I design my starting units?

Click on HOME, then Create/Modify Unit. Sample Create Unit To create a unit, go to the bottom row, select the hull type (Military, FT, Base, etc.), enter the class name and the default unit name. Once you click Submit, an empty unit will be created in a new row. Click on the unit to design it.

To design a unit you can up to 10 different items at a time. And for each Item you can select how many in total.

Click submit at the bottom and the screen will refresh with the items chosen showing you total ships size/cost/speed and the items.

Now you will typically set the order of the items on the ships. Shields will be first, then armour, then external Z, the rest of the ship should be arranged as you want it. Click submit at the bottom to have the changes take effect.

Finally when the design looks ok click submit at the top.

For game startup you should then list out the ships and the fleets you want these ships to go into to in the SM notes area. For example. Survey fund 5000 credits (50 Exb (name from design screen) cost 99 total 4950 50 left over). 25 Xb to Survey1 fleet, 25 Xb to Survey 2. and so on for each of the 3 starting funds.

How do I double-check my starting resources?

Go to HOME, then Ships List (3rd column) to verify all your units are there. We suggest clicking on a ship class to verify location, fleet and status. Go to HOME, then Fleet List to verify the starting location of every fleet. Look at the content of a fleet. Go to HOME, then Map Enhanced for an alternate view.

Help! I changed something but it did not update correctly!

Internet browsers may cache web pages for performance. If this is the case, you will have to reload the page. You can also go to Player Info to remove the left frame, allow JavaScript and compress HTTP for better performance.

Validate your turn/movements.

Ultra Server does not automatically do certain time-consuming calculations. For instance, fleet ship count and speed are updated only when requested. There are a number of validation buttons to ensure the empire has the most correct information. The 3 mains ones are 1. Research (Should never be needed) 2. On the fleet page (to ensure ship counts and speed) 3. Big button on the race list screen. (Validates all economics and fleet)

House rules

The main login page should have a link to a page with optional/house rules.
Most optional rules are not in play but its up to the SM to decide on that.

What are listed tech items 4, 3, 2, and 1.

These are empty hull. The 1 is space 1, 2 is space 1/2, 3 is space 1/3 and so on.

Is the tractor tree open at SL1 per errata?\

I have never seen this errata for GSF. I have seen it for Elite but not GSF.

How do I make my SS bigger? The extend build command does not work.

Build a new SY by itself, add to the same fleet as your current SY the click update on the shipyard screen.
The complex number will increase.

How do Probes work
Probes are done by EITHER moving into the WP on the movement screen or staying in the system and issuing the Probe command on the pulse survey screen. If using the Probe command a random unexplored WP will be surveyed and your fleet will remain in the base system (And could probe another WP on the next smtp).
Typically 1 survey ship from the fleet will go into the system, then back, then back in to complete the survey. If you have 2 or more ships only 1 will go in at a time and wait for the all clear. If you meet a new race you will stop all movement for the fleet, though only the smalleest ship will start first contact, and contact them. If any ship larger than CT is used in for first contact the other player must be told that. Also you must keep a fleet, with one or more ships, there to get full contact.

Detecting other race entery WPs.
Your Entry WP can not be detected unless he has a fleet right on the WP. You may transfer him your WP during any time to avoid him finding your WP and going through.

You can probe new systems you find mid turn. If your survey completes on SMTP 3 you can set a fleet (could be 1 ship in it) to probe on SMTP 4-6. Non X ships can probe and do Planet surveys (using the Gig) so have a extra ES around for these situations. During wars the SM will look at advancing ships through a new WP and adjusting surveys as needed. This is alot of work for a SM as adjustments must be for fleet locations and total survey points and so on, there for work reasons this is limitted to war time.

CFN Routes
CFN may not be followed or captured or changed except by Raiding. Game explaination, The CFN system is a routless system, they may station a ship for 6-12 months in the same system to supply a fleet. (A single FT can carry 3500 credits of supply typically) and then resupply your fleet from it. So eventhough you get supply there may be no CFN movement to follow or it may take 1-12 months before that ship moves to get a resupply. Therefore it is impossible from a SM view to determine a route for a CFN ship and then allow you to follow it, therefore for game simplicity and fairness you can't.

Only raiding (to be added) can capture/damage a CFN ship. No other action can. These ships will only carry a minimial of Warp point data.

Empire communications
It is assumed for game purposes your CFN/regualr ships line up to transmit a monthly report at the end of the month at light speed. (instantanous) Otherwise for mid turn adjustements you must calculate transmission speed of the message based on for ship/base setup. Mid turn adjustments are hard on the SM but he will do them if there important enough.