New Player Signup

After you sign up you must still email the SM to have him add you to the game, tell him your username.
A new game with you as SM will be added automatically.

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Username (login name) (use a-z,0-9):
Password (use a-z,0-9): Refering Email:

Please wait after you submit, The computer will be creating a new game just for you after it adds your account

Other Email:
Typically this is blank, it is for players that want 2 accounts that are linked. If you have a main account and would like another please put in the main account email address on the second account. You only need one account for multiple games but if you are playing a solo game you might want a SM account and a player account for the solo game.

Refering Email:
If you have been refered to this site by a user put in his email address. He will get a discount to his game costs based on the number of people he refers and how active they are.